Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Smallest Gifts

As I was saying goodnight to my husband this evening, I bumped my head on a set of chimes dangling from one of the rafters in the bedroom. As they tinkled their familiar music, I remembered the source one more time. This small set of chimes is one of the smallest gifts that I've ever received, and yet jangles my memory of my sister every time I see them. As I recall the story, my sister gave them to me unexpectedly. Someone was walking the neighborhood selling these door to door. My sister looked at them and simply thought they were pretty. The chimes are made of an inexpensive metal of some sort, with the center chime painted a silvery blue, the chains are silver, and from each silver chain hangs a beautiful painted angel with an irridescent sparkle to all her colors. Cyndie was correct, they are very pretty. It seems in my memory that she bought some other chimes that day also, but I don't remember that as clearly. These little angels have brought me more joy than any other small angel dares to share. They have been hanging in my bedroom for nearly twenty years now, I'm guessing (not exactly sure) I frequently bump my head on them as I walk past, but with regularity I remember to me what was one of the purest gifts that I ever received. What better gift than one that was simply pretty, and it made her want to give me one. Not just anyone else, but specifically me. I was quite touched that day although I'm not sure she knows it. I value those pretty silly angels hanging in my room to this day. Much of their shine is gone, but the brilliance with which they shine for me is nothing short of glorious. They engender in my heart a deep feeling of love for my sister. I said earlier that I believe it to be the truest, most sincere, and heart felt gift that I ever received from her simply because it was a spontaneous gift simply because it was pretty. I think the silly thing cost all of $5, but I love them more than anything. Simply again they remind me of my sister and her love for me. I hope she knows how much I value her.

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